Queen City Music Studio is delighted to announce that we rent instruments. If your child starts music lessons with the smaller size of an instrument, it is inevitable that the instrument will need to be exchanged for a bigger size once your child grows. Renting an instrument can be the most convenient and affordable route for the student. Many parents/students enjoy the flexibility and affordability of a rental. You may return the instrument at any time and exchange or upgrade as your child’s needs change. If you are unsure how long you will keep taking lessons it also may be the best option to rent an instrument until you are ready to commit to purchase one. However if your desire is to purchase an instrument we can help with that too. Queen City Music Studio can help you purchase high quality instruments at all sizes and price ranges.

We rent below musical instruments in all sizes starting at $5/week:

» Violin

» Guitar

» Ukulele

Included for FREE with every rental:

  • Instrument Carrying Case
  • Shoulder Rest (Violin/Viola)
  • Bow (Violin/Viola/Cello)
  • Rosin
  • Cleaning clothes

Instruments are subject to availability and during busy rental periods we may be unable to keep all sizes in stock. However, we order new rental instruments upon each rental request and we can have it available for next week’s lesson.

Not sure what size of instrument your child/you need? No worries! Queen City Music Studio will determine the correct size for you.

There are no obligations and contracts on instrument rental. It can be returned at any time and payment will be adjusted. However, to assure that all our instruments are in the best shape at all times, we require a $50.00 refundable deposit against unexpected damages. It is required at the time of filling rental application of any instrument. The deposit will be refunded in full with the return of the instrument if the instrument is returned undamaged.