Students who receive One-on-one lessons accelerate at a much faster pace than those in a Group lesson. The teacher is able to give full attention to the student at all times throughout the lesson. One-on-one Lessons are practically a good fit for anybody, but definitely recommended for intermediate and advanced students. However, they are also a very good fit for young children and beginners that want to achieve faster progress in their music education and have good attention span.

Private Lessons are offered in 30, 45, 60 minute/week (or twice a week) installments for students ages 3.5 – adult. However there are always exceptions to the rule most commonly 30 minute private lessons/week are best fit for very young students 3.5 – 6 years old. 45 minute private lessons/week are best fit for children ages 7 – teenagers. 60 minute private lessons/week are best fit for adults and serious about their music study teenage students. Private Lessons can be initiated all year round based on QCMS Instructor’s availability. Students are welcome to sign up in Private Lessons even in the middle of the semester.

Students that request Piano One-on-one Lessons are expected to have their own piano/keyboard instrument at home for practice purposes. Students that request Violin and Viola Lessons are welcome to use their own instrument if available. However, we are delighted to announce that Queen City Music Studio also rents and sells violins and violas at all sizes and price ranges.

If the instrument that you are interested to learn is not mentioned below, please give us a call. We are constantly adding classes to meet our students’ needs.

We offer One-on-one Music Lessons in Cincinnati area for all listed below subjects. To learn more about each type of class please read on this specific topic below.


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