Do you play an instrument but do not know how to read music? Or are you thinking of starting to learn an instrument you have always dreamed of playing and would like to know more than just playing melodies by ear? Would you want your child to learn how to play an instrument and understand musical concepts? Queen City Music Studio will allow you to learn fundamentals of music theory so that you expand your music education beyond just playing an instrument. This will let you understand music as a whole from its grounds up. We combine our Instrument instructions with the basics of Music Theory. You will learn to read, write and properly interpret music along with studying a chosen instrument. We also provide Lessons focused on Music Theory only. These types of lessons are designed for students that want to pursue higher than fundamental knowledge in Music Theory.

At Queen City Music Studio we believe in investing in the future of our students. Therefore we make sure that our students would not only learn how to play their instruments, but also receive a comprehensive music education.


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