QCMS ONLY offers GROUP CLASSES for members of the same family or friends that sign up together in the same class. We do not offer traditional Group Classes for members of different families unless families know each other and enroll together in the same class. This assures hat our group classes will never be resolved in the middle of the Semester.

Group Lessons are a great fit for father/mother and daughetr/son experience, for siblings to take lessons together or for friends to take lessons together.

Come and enjoy the fun of learning instrument and music in a group setting with people you love. We offer a variety of group classes in the following disciplines:

  • Violin, Piano/Keyboard, Voice/Singing, Guitar, Ukulele, Acting, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, Little Mozarts Piano and Singing Lessons for 3-6 year olds, Early Childhood, Music Theory and Music History to students in greater Cincinnati area.

Group lessons are the best fit for young children and beginners who are not yet reading or whose attention span may be limited. Group lessons may be the best fit to make it more fun for children to interact with each other and keep their focus. It is a good introduction into the world of music.

We require minimum 4 students and no more than 9 students in a class. Our groups are small. This allows students for one-on-one learning experience. Group Classes go at a slower pace than private lessons. Therefore Group Classes are best fit for very young children whose attention span is limited.

Group Classes are offered in 45 and 60 minute/week installments for students ages 3.5 – adult. Group Classes are initiated most of the time at the beginning of each Semester (Fall – Sept 1, Spring – January 6, Summer – June 1). Students are welcome to sign up in the middle of the semester for Group Lessons. However, we take enrollments for Group Classes all year round. Each Group Class is initiated on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will start with any given 4 students.

If you are interested in having your child attend Group Class at QCMS even in the middle of the Semester please do not hesitate to contact us. QCMS Instructors will be happy to create custom group class even in the middle of the Semester IF minimum student count is met.

Students that request Keyboard Group Lessons are expected to have their own piano/keyboard instrument at home for practice purposes. Students that request Lessons in other instruments are welcome to use their own instrument if available. However, we are delighted to announce that Queen City Music Studio also rents and sells violins, violas, guitars, ukuleles, cellos etc. at all sizes and price ranges.

If the instrument that you are interested to learn is not mentioned below, please give us a call. We are constantly adding classes to meet our students’ needs.

We offer Group Lessons for all listed below subjects. To learn more about each type of class please read on this specific topic below.


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