• Tuition will be paid in advance. Initial payment includes all lessons through the end of the month of enrollment PLUS $30 Session Registration Fee.

• All lessons are charged WEEKLY starting the second month of enrollment.

• $30 Session Registration Fee is charged to each enrolled student on the first day of each session. Sessions begin January 2, June 1 and September 1.

• All lessons are valid on ongoing weekly basis until change of service or 30-Day Lesson Termination Notice is given to the QCMS Office.

• You will only receive 1 QCMS Invoice that is valid on ongoing weekly basis until change of service or 30-Day Lesson Termination Notice is given to the QCMS Office.

• Tuition is non-refundable and must be made by automatic credit card processing.

• Tuition is the same for all instruments (voice is an instrument, too!), and it must be paid before a student is admitted to lessons. A student is not considered enrolled at Queen City Music Studio until the Initial Payment has been made.

• Tuition/Lesson Payment is expected for all private lessons prior to each lesson regardless of lesson attendance. We have a specific lesson time reserved for each student, thus payment must be made regardless of attendance. This includes illness, holidays, vacations, etc.

• For your convenience, payments are securely processed through Huntington Merchant Services. We accept all major credit cards. All payments for lessons are pre-authorized and auto-draft.

• QCMS tuition is weekly based. Certain months have 5 weeks therefore you will receive either 4 or 5 lessons/month.

• Invoicing is sent to you via the email information that you provide during the enrollment process. Accurate information is key in maintaining punctual payment. Each invoice notes a breakdown of what is being invoiced (lessons, instrument rental, method books, events etc.), as well as a clear indication of due dates for payments.

• Balance that is not paid in full 3 days past due date is subject to loss of reserved lesson time and Lesson Termination. Lessons will only be provided to students with accounts in good standing.

• Past due/declined credit card payments are subject to a $25 Late Fee.


• There is NO need to renew/reserve lessons for the future QCMS Sessions as all lessons are scheduled on weekly ONGOING basis ALL YEAR ROUND at QCMS.

• If you must DISCONTINUE LESSONS at any time and need to terminate the auto-draft payments, notification to the Queen City Music Studio must be made by email to info@queencitymusicstudio.com with 30 DAY’S NOTICE of the desired ending date. Student may be charged for up to four weeks of lessons if such notice is not given. Exceptions to 30 Day Lesson Termination Policy apply in cases of documented medical and family emergencies.

• Termination Notice given directly and only to the instructor will NOT suffice. Teachers are not responsible for relaying verbal notices between students and QCMS Office. 30 Day termination notice must be provided to QCMS Office directly via email.

• If you must DISCONTINUE Instrument Rental and need to terminate the auto-draft payments, notification to the Queen City Music Studio must be made by email with 24 hour notice.

• If you must put LESSONS ON HOLD (minimum of 2 consecutive weeks of absence required for up to 6 consecutive weeks maximum), notification to the Queen City Music Studio must be made by email with 1 WEEK NOTICE (1 lesson in advance) of the desired ending date. Lesson Hold Policy cannot be used in place of Make Up Policy (as explained below) for single missed lessons. Lesson Hold Policy applies to students that are unable toattend lessons due to: illness, medical need/emergency, vacation.


• Queen City Music Studio prides itself on being flexible. Many music schools/studios require lengthy contracts, contracting lessons for as long as one year! QCMS does not require such an agreement. QCMS offers flexible enrollment plans that are billed WEEKLY. All QCMS students pay weekly as of the second month of enrollment. However, in order to stop lessons at QCMS we require a 30 Day Notice.


• For most optimal student performance results and scheduling, our instructors at QCMS require a minimum of 1 lesson a week between September 1st – May 31st.


• To cancel a lesson, we require a 24-hour advance notice.

• Please make cancellations directly with the instructor or call/email our office ONLY if you cannot reach the instructor.

• 1 lesson absences  (1 week absences) cannot be put on hold. Lessons hold Policy cannot be used in place of Make Up Policy for single missed lessons.

• Instructors are not required to make up more than TWO missed lessons each session, and only those lessons missed due to an emergency.

• Lessons missed due to other events (such as soccer, football, swimming, or some other outside activity) are not considered an excused absence. The make-up lesson will occur at a time arranged with you by the instructor.

• Instructors are required to make up any lesson or class canceled due to instructor’s illness or absence for any reason (including absence in the Studio due to QCMS Recitals).

• No refunds or credits will be given for classes missed. All missed lessons need to be made up within the same month that the lesson was missed (preferably within the same week if possible).


• Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance or no shows (except in case of a documented sudden emergency), will not be made up.


• Missed Group Classes can be made up if the same Class is offered some other day/time.

• Note that occasionally Queen City Music Studio instructor might need to terminate their teaching position anytime during the year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Queen City Music Studio reserves the right to change student’s instructor(s) anytime during the year with 1-week notice. Unexpected change of instructor does not waive required 30 day written notice to stop lessons. Students can either continue lessons with assigned teacher or select a teacher from our faculty based on teachers’ availability.


• Lesson time starts one minute after your teacher arrives at your house. Students should be ready to play at their scheduled time.

• Please understand that as traveling teachers, we may occasionally run into traffic and run a couple of minutes late or early. Please allow a 5-10 minute time cushion when scheduling your other activities around music lessons.


• QCMS Summer Session Policy requires QCMS Students to take ONLY minimum 8 lessons (or more, highly encouraged) anytime between June 1-August 31 (Summer Session) in order to keep student’s lesson day and time reserved for Fall/Winter Semester. Valid on Monthly Plans only. Students electing the 8 week Summer Session Plan must give written notification to the QCMS office at least 2 weeks prior to the start of summer session.

• Summer classes/lessons do not have to take place weekly, but can be organized with teacher to accommodate the summer schedule (example: Bi-weekly with weeks off in between, twice a week to accommodate 8 lessons etc.)

• Students taking less than 8 classes/lessons will be able to continue with current teacher on their regular lesson time only if space is available on the teacher’s roster after first accommodating full time (8 class) summer students.

• All summer lesson option plans must be scheduled with the QCMS office by May 18 at the latest.

• Students may elect to take lessons on as needed basis between June 1 -August 31. However, taking lessons on as needed basis during the Summer Session does not reserve current lesson day/time for the Fall/Winter Semester. 30 Day Lesson Termination Notice must be submitted to QCMS Office to continue lessons on as needed basis between June 1 -August 31st. Once 30 Day Notice is submitted student/parent may contact the teacher directly to arrange lesson day/time on as needed basis. Lastly, student/parent must contact QCMS Office to process the payment for lesson(s) arranged with the teacher on as needed basis.


The student enrolled and participating in the classes at the Queen City Music Studio does so at its own risk. Queen City Music Studio will not be liable for any injury sustained nor will the Queen City Music Studio be responsible for any medical expenses incurred as a result of participation in the classes at the Queen City Music Studio. Queen City Music Studio DOES NOT carry medical insurance for its students. It is understood that all students attending lessons at Queen City Music Studio are covered by their own family’s insurance policies, and if injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement. Enrollment in classes and lessons at the Queen City Music Studio location will automatically mean that the student and/or parent accepts this policy and will not hold the Queen City Music Studio liable for any injury sustained as a result of participation in the class at the Queen City Music Studio.


Occasionally at the Queen City Music Studio we may take photographs of its classes and events. By participating in these classes or events, you agree to our use for publicity and advertising purposes of any photographs, videos, artwork, or any other materials created while you participate in our Programs at the Studio, without any further compensation to you or any other third party.


Students need to be escorted directly to their class/lesson and picked up promptly at the end of class/lesson. It is not the responsibility of the instructor to supervise children outside of their class/lesson time. Students must be picked up by a responsible adult. The adult must be on the child’s approved pick-up list. If a parent/guardian will not be present for the entire lesson, they must leave a phone number and location where they can be reached.


Tuition and class fees are nonrefundable. Where there is documented illness or injury with a written statement from a physician or medical establishment addressed to the Queen City Music Studio, lesson credit will be applied. Class fees will be refunded if a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment to run the class.


• Students and parents are welcome to use the waiting room area at the front reception only. There is a rest room available on the 1st floor (walk through the door to the right).

• MAIN PARKING : FREE PARKING in our PRIVATE LOT in front of the Studio.

• ADDITIONAL FREE PARKING: in REAR of the Studio in APARTMENT’s parking lot. Pass the Studio going up the hill and park anywhere in Apartments parking lot (QCMS has an arrangement with Apartment’s Management that allows QCMS Customers park in their parking lot).


In case of severe weather, please call the office for a recorded voice message, visit our website homepage or check Local 12 TV or 700 WLW radio for cancellations. Classes will not be made up due to cancellations from severe weather conditions.


• All Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis every session.
• There are 3 Complimentary QCMS Students Recitals each year at the end of each session. Dates for each recital will be communicated by QCMS office via email closer to the date.
• QCMS is open all year round for daily lessons.
• QCMS is ONLY CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day and during Winter Break between December 23-January 1
• QCMS follows a schedule of three sessions each year:

1. SPRING SESSION …………January 2- May 31 ………. 22 weeks = 22 lessons

2. SUMMER SESSION ………June 1 – August 31 ………. 13 weeks = 13 lessons

3. FALL SESSION …………….September 1 – December 22 …… 16 weeks = 16 lessons

• There are NO CLASSES on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving Day. However, lessons can be conducted on above mentioned holidays upon request and Instructor’s approval. We are closed for Winter break between December 23-January 1.