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*in Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar, Little Mozarts, Ukulele, Viola, Flute, Trumpet and Trombone. Valid for new Students only & for 30 minute lessons only. Limit one lesson per family.

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'Queen City Music School is a very warm caring place. I feel very lucky to have found such a great voice instructor as well. They have really exceeded my hopes and confidence in studying voice and music.'

James H. - Google+

'My name is Mary and I am 53 yrs. old. At Christmas I received a viola from my brother, a multitalented musician who can play many instruments. I come from a large family of musicians, and it has been a life long dream of mine to learn this string instrument. Luckily I found Queen City Music Studio here in Mt. Lookout in last Decembers issue of Hyde Park Living. I called and met Mrs. Dobroslawa R.- Johnson and have been happily learning my instrument since. She is a very dynamic, talented and encouraging teacher -- not to leave out attentive and patient too! If you will-- read her Bio on the music schools website. She is every bit of it true and I am very grateful to be learning from her and you will too! I hope you will try Queen City Music Studio. It is the most uplifting hour of my week. I certainly recommend it!'

Mary K. - Google+


'My experience with the Queen City Music Studio was nothing but pleasant. The owner, Mrs. Rybinska-Johnson, is extremely organized and helpful. Her classes are tailored to each student's needs and comfort level. I've been taking violin lessons and feel lucky to have Ms. Rybinska-Johnson as my teacher. The rest of teachers within the school are great too - I hear good things from the fellow students /and Moms/. The school itself is in a convenient location, clean, etc. The staff actually will work with you on scheduling, level of classes and so on. Overall, great place for any age and music need!'

Eva - Google+


'I'm currently taking lessons as an adult beginning to learn the violin, which are taught by Dobroslawa Rybinska-Johnson, the owner and operator of QCMS, and I love them! She's an attentive teacher, I truly feel like each lesson is tailored to my needs, and my progress is well-marked. Professionally I've had excellent experiences with QCMS, and personally I have a great time every week. I have a mad schedule as well, and date conflicts are always resolved with grace and alacrity, which is an enormous plus. Highly recommended!'

Jordan T. - Google+


'I can't write enough positive things about Ms. Johnson and her Queen City Music Studio. My son is a young first time piano player who, like many other kids his age, can get easily distracted and silly. Ms. Johnson is patient and kind, always redirecting his attention to the music and the lesson, encouraging him when he uses correct technique, and praising him when he has mastered a lesson. The result of her excellent teaching skills is that he is eager to practice each day and acquiring new skills quickly. We both look forward to his weekly lessons with her.'

MaryFran H. - Google+


'Hello. I have a 3 and 5 year olds and they attend Little Mozarts Music Piano Lessons at Queen City Music Studio. They both really love going to these piano lessons which makes me very happy! The teacher is very kind, patient and keeps my children interest. I never heard about this method before but I give it thumbs up now! The methods involves students in many different types of activities. I think it is great because it seems to make lessons fly faster, keeps my children concentration and it seems to be more fun than just traditional methods of teaching how to play. They sing, practice rhythms, perform rhytmic-motion excercises and of course play piano! They both have learned lots since we enrolled in the class. They know about low, high sounds, note valuses, etc. and they play with the teacher in duets which they find a lot of fun. The studio is very conveniently located and nice. I would definitely recommend QCMS to friends!'

Susan S. - Google+


With a few gradeschool years of percussion and almost zero recollection of that experience, I came to Mrs. Rybinska-Johnson a few months ago with a rather steep task. She was to teach violin to a stubborn 27 year old without a lick of musical savvy. I'm still as stubborn as when I began, but her patience seems to grow exponentially. She's been greatly accommodating to my schedule and even more so to my pace.

Ben S. - Google+


'My experience at Queen City Music Studio has been great! My 10 year old daughter and I have been taking piano and violin lessons from Mrs. Johnson (the owner). The Studio is located very conveniently close to us. We really enjoy our lessons and our teacher is wonderful, very patient, kind yet motivating and demanding! Mrs. Johnson had made us feel very comfortable from the very beginning and every lesson is focused on our individual needs. Lessons are very well organized and there is no time wasted. At the same time, learning the piano (for me) and violin (my daughter) with Mrs. Johnson has been a lot of fun! She creates fun, encouraging and motivating atmosphere. Perfect mixture to keep your child wanting to practice but also keep my interest. I can tell that Mrs. Johnson has had an extensive teaching experience as she always knows what the next step is in our study. She has a great ability to connect with her students. That helps her to adjust her teaching approach for each of us individually that maximizes our progress. She focuses on all the aspects of instrument learning and music study such as technique, music theory, musicianship and artistry. She is professional, demanding yet warm and kind. Lastly, Mrs. Johnson is also a great performer/player. I had a pleasure to listen to her play the piano and violin for me several times and I have to say that she plays very beautifully! Wonderful School and wonderful teacher!'

Christin M. - Google+


'My children and I attend QCMS. My 5 and 10 year old children study ukulele and piano and I have been taking voice lessons. I really enjoy my voice lessons a lot! I look forward to every lesson. My children have tons of fun studying their instruments as well. We all were beginners when we joined QCMS. I always wanted to be able to play with my children together. We finally are able to do that! All our teachers are wonderful educators, so kind and patient with us. They are very flexible and understanding whether it is a matter of selecting tunes for me and my children to play together or scheduling a make up lesson. I definitely feel like instructors at QCMS are willing to go extra mile to understand the goals of their students. On top of all, the Studio is so conveniently located in Mt. Lookout. I would recommend QCMS to anyone looking for music lessons.'

Cate H. - Google+


'If you are looking for a quality music education I'd definitely recommend QCMS. The business owner D. Johnson is very passionate about teaching and managing the Studio. I was lucky to enroll in piano lessons with her and my son is taking guitar lessons at QCMS. We both really enjoy our lessons very much! I in particular enjoy my lessons with D. Johnson as she is not only a great teacher with enormous amount of knowledge but also a very warm and interesting person. I know that QCMS offers lessons in many instruments and voice too. I am considering to take some voice lessons at some point at QCMS for sure. I bet Mrs. Johnson does a great deal finding the right teachers for her Studio. She always says how important it is to find a great educator and match each student with the right teacher. That is what makes QCMS stand out from other private music studios/schools. My son and I took music lessons in other places in past. We found QCMS to have the best approach. Their lessons are definitely the most personable and individualized to each student. Great place!'

Kelly C. - Google+


'Hello. My name is Amy and I wanted to share few words about a great Music Studio that opened in Cincinnati East area recently. I have been taking my teenage daughters for Voice and Guitar lessons to QCMS for some time now and they both love attending their music lesson at QCMS! The instructors are so nice, passionate about what they do and very motivating. The atmosphere at QCMS is wonderful and my girls are making great progress but at the same they have a great time learning to sing and play guitar. I have always wanted to have my daughters pursue their music education and I cannot think of a better place than QCMS. The School's Director, Mrs. Johnson, is such a kind, passionate and motivated music educator and she definitely does a great job choosing her instructors. I'd recommend this music school to anyone looking for quality and fun music education for their children in Cincinnati area.'

Amy W. - Google+


'As business administrator of Queen City Music Studio I had been observing the development of the School. I am very proud of the progress that happened within past few months. The school has gained many new wonderful students and we will be expanding our Programs soon.'

Robert J. - Google+




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